About Ark

Ark Voicing Limited was formed in 2015 to provide organ building services and in particular specialist skills in the area of tonal design and pipe voicing.

But Ark is designed to be more than this... 

We know from experience that work doesn't only happen from 9 to 5. There's no switch to turn on home time, or turn off work thoughts. In reality we find there is just our life... 24 hrs a day... 7 days a week. Emotionally and physically we take our work home. And we bring our personal life to work. Ark embraces this, viewing that what we do 'at work' is integral to our whole life experience. At Ark we work within an organised system that is designed to be in-sync with the goals of the individual rather than against them. Our work then becomes a reflection of who and what we truly are. 

At Ark we design, create and solve. This satisfies our creative needs and the needs of others - our customers. By allowing the space for the 'whole person' to participate in this process our relationships can have purpose and integrity. Through empowering the individual we can together create more of the things that make the world a happy place.  

About Simon Brown

Simon has been organ building for almost 20 years though his interest began many years before as an organist in the south of England.

After studies in engineering acoustics and music he trained as an organ builder at the workshops of Kenneth Tickell in Northampton, UK. Simon has always been interested in the correlation between two working methods used by craftsman: the application of empirical learning and experimentation based on scientific theory. 

Simon has spent many years undertaking all aspects of new organ building. In 2004 he took over as head voicer at Tickell’s, and became responsible for tonal aspects of all new organs.

Ark was started in 2015 to make it possible for Simon to work with more clients on a wider range of projects. Although Ark is based in Northampton (UK) we are able to work anywhere in the world.

Simon has an honours degree in Acoustics and Music (BSc) from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton, UK.

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As well as playing the organ, Simon still investigates the connection between art and science through modern organ building. To date, he has been responsible for voicing and tonal finishing around 30 new organs, as well as carrying out tonal work for the restoration of fine historic instruments. Simon has worked on projects in various countries around the world including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Norway, Japan and Australia.

Some recent large projects include voicing new organs for:

  • Manchester Cathedral
  • St John’s School Leatherhead 
  • Downing College Cambridge
  • Rikkyo Gakuin Tokyo
  • St Mary’s RC Cathedral Newcastle
  • St John’s College University of Queensland
  • Keble College Oxford
  • St Mary le Bow London
  • Lincoln’s Inn Chapel London
  • Latymer School Hammersmith
  • Worcester Cathedral
  • St Mary the Less Cambridge
  • Cheltenham Ladies College
  • Sherborne Abbey


Please contact Simon to discuss your latest project.