Sherborne Abbey, Dorset (UK)

Sherborne S2 copy.jpg

Preparations are already underway for refurbishment work to the organ at Sherborne Abbey.

The main instrument in the north transept is based around the original Gray & Davison material from 1854. The organ was altered in various rebuilds over the years and work by Kenneth Tickell and Company in 2004/5 aimed to bring the organ back to its original G&D character.

To address the problem of sound not reaching the Nave, Tickell’s built a new west end division and then tonally re-evaluated the transept organ. The Choir division was returned to a lower wind pressure and various new stops were made in keeping with the ethos of mid-nineteenth century organ building. This broadened the organ’s ability to properly accompany the choir, and to do justice to a wide range of repertoire. 

Refurbishment work includes the overhaul of keyboards and pedalboard, the re-setting of tracker actions, cleaning, and a full tuning.

We begin on site early in 2020.

Ikebukuro Chapel, Rikkyo University, Tokyo (Japan)

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A major maintenance and tuning visit of the 2013 Kenneth Tickell organ at Rikkyo took place in early September 2019. On this visit the mechanical actions have been reset, and all pipework checked and tuned.

P1020962 copy.JPG

The Tickell organ was built in 2013. On-site tonal finishing was completed by early Autumn that year.

Double Diapason 16
Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason 8
Gamba 8
Principal 4
Harmonic Flute 4
Fifteenth 2
Mixture III-IV
Posaune 8

Geigen Diapason 8
Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Voix Céleste 8
Principal 4
Rohrflute 4
Flageolet 2
Sesquialtera II
Mixture III
Contra Fagotto 16
Cornopean 8
Oboe 8

Harmonic Flute 8
Clarinet 8
Tromba 8

Open Wood 16
Sub Bass 16
Principal 8
Open Flute 8
Octave 4
Trombone 16
Posaune 8
from Great     

Tracker key action : slider soundboards
Electric stop and combination actions

St Mary’s Church, Carlton, Bedfordshire (UK)

2019-08-26 13.01.21 copy.jpg

Summer 2019 has also seen the refurbishment of the 1888 one manual Nicholson organ at Carlton, Bedfordshire.

The bellows have been re-leathered, the organ cleaned and various parts mended. All pipework has been removed for cleaning and new tuning slides fitted. The organ was re-assembled and then finely regulated and tuned.

It is a typical one manual design with the front pipes forming the bass of the Open Diapason 8 bass, with the trebles on the soundboard. The rest of the manual pipes are inside the swell box. The organ has been altered very little over the years apart from the addition of a Bourdon 16 on the pedal and a Flute 4 on the manual replacing a Gamba stop.

The quality of the instrument is very high and looks splendid again, with case and front pipes restored by Jenny Duffy.

The organ will be used again at the Patronal festival on September 1st, and a recital on Saturday September 7th.

New continuo organ, Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge (UK)

2018-11-16 12.20.32 copy.jpg

Early 2019 saw the voicing of a new continuo organ. Having voiced many continuo and chamber organs at Kenneth Tickell and Company it was great to be voicing a new continuo organ in the workshop. The organ was made by my old Tickell colleague Jeff Hubbard.

The metal pipes were made in Leeds by Terry Shires.

The organ has four stops.

8 Stopped Diapason
8 Salicional
4 Spitz Flute
2 Principal

The Spitz Flute on the bench ready for voicing. The photo shows the break between the canister and open pipes. With careful scaling and voicing a change in pipe construction can be well blended.

Tonal work 2019

2019-03-13 12.34.31 copy.jpg

Through late 2018 and most of 2019 Simon has been busy in the workshop overhauling many reed and flue stops.

Many have been fine Father Willis stops, such as this lovely reed.

Overhauling usually involves stripping down, cleaning shallots and tongues, re-flattening shallots and correctly setting up all parts for smooth movement before checking on the voicing machine. Resonators are cleaned, inside and out.

As well as reeds many flue pipes have been through the workshop for cleaning, putting back on correct speech or complete revoicing.

New work includes voicing new reeds for customers in the UK and Czech Republic.

Practice Organ, Wimbledon (UK)


A new practice organ for King's College School, Wimbledon - a lovely project but also a sad time. This was the last organ to leave the workshop of Kenneth Tickell and Co Ltd. It was installed in the early summer 2018. The organ has seven stops with wood pipes made by the Tickell team and metal pipes by Terry Shires.

Manual 1
8 Stopped Diapason
4 Principal
2 Fiftheenth

Manual 2
8 Chimney Flute
4 Spitz Flute

16 Subbass
8 Open Flute

Christuskirche Mannheim (Germany)

2017-08-30 14.44.23 copy.jpg

Simon has been pleased to work on the tonal restoration of the large Steinmeyer organ in Christuskirche, Mannheim. Taking around five months, the work has involved a slight flattening of the pitch (to bring it closer to it's original state) and tonal regulation of almost 80 of the organ's 96 registers.

Five new ranks replaced stops that had been altered on a previous rebuild. Only a few changes have been made to the organ over the years, so it is largely in it's original 1911 state. The specification of the organ can be found here

Simon has been working on site together with two German organ building firms who have been responsible for the restoration of the organ.

Manchester Cathedral (UK)


2017 saw the completion of voicing of the new 81 stop organ for Manchester Cathedral. The organ, designed and built by Kenneth Tickell and Co Ltd of Northampton, was the largest organ built by the firm.

The flue pipes of the organ, including all the display pipes were made by Shires Organ Pipes in Leeds (UK). The reed pipes were made by, and voiced in collaboration with, Killinger Pfeifen Freiberg (Germany). 

The organ has a wide range of tonal colours, from soft flutes and strings through to high pressure solo reeds. A specification can be found here