Practice Organ, Wimbledon (UK)


Simon is busy voicing a new practice organ for King's College School, Wimbledon. The organ is currently under construction in the workshop of Kenneth Tickell and Co, and will be installed early summer 2018. The organ has seven stops with wood pipes made by the Tickell team and metal pipes by Terry Shires.

Manual 1
8 Stopped Diapason
4 Principal
2 Fiftheenth

Manual 2
8 Chimney Flute
4 Spitz Flute

16 Subbass
8 Open Flute

Christuskirche Mannheim (Germany)


2017-07-14 13.26.50 copy 2.png

Simon has been very pleased to be involved with the tonal restoration of the large Steinmeyer organ in Christuskirche, Mannheim. The work has involved a slight flattening of the pitch (to bring it closer to it's original state) and tonal regulation of almost 80 of the organ's 96 registers.

Five new ranks replaced stops that had been altered on a previous rebuild. Only a few changes have been made to the organ over the years, so it is largely in it's original 1911 state. The specification of the organ can be found here

Simon has been working on site together with two German organ building firms who have been responsible for the restoration of the organ.

Manchester Cathedral (UK)


Simon Brown has recently completed the voicing a new 81 stop organ for Manchester Cathedral. The organ, designed and built by Kenneth Tickell and Co Ltd of Northampton, was completed early in 2017.

The flue pipes of the organ, including all the display pipes were made by Shires Organ Pipes in Leeds (UK). The reed pipes were made by, and voiced in collaboration with, Killinger Pfeifen Freiberg (Germany). 

The organ has a wide range of tonal colours, from soft flutes and strings through to high pressure solo reeds. A specification can be found here

Singing Ringing Tree, Texas (USA)

The Burnley Singing Ringing Tree  (on a very cold December morning) 

The Burnley Singing Ringing Tree  (on a very cold December morning) 


Ark Voicing is pleased to be involved with the Texas Singing Ringing Tree. This is a large musical sculpture currently under construction. We have been working for a private client, in collaboration with the architects Tonkin Liu and colleagues across various fields that includes musical acoustics, modern flute making, organ pipe making and welding.  

The singing tree is constructed of different length pipes on twenty-two levels. It is over 5 metres high and weighs around 20 tonnes. The Texas tree will be sited just outside Austin and orientated to catch as much of the usual wind currents as possible. Some of the pipes are plain open tubes, while others have a flute-like embouchure, near a closed end, that encourages the pipe to sound in the wind. Ark Voicing has made an analysis of the embouchure characteristics and carried out experiments to determine the most effective slot geometry for sound production at low wind speeds.

This is the third Singing Tree to be built using the design and construction set by London architects Tonkin Liu. The first tree was installed in Burnley, Lancashire, UK. The Burnley tree can be heard 'live' on the Lancashire hills, and more details are available on the website of Tonkin Liu

The Texas wind conditions are much lower than in Lancashire. Following experiments, Ark have produced a report recommending slot designs that will be used on the Texas installation.

The fabrication has been undertaken in the USA by J K Welding. More details on the construction can be found here.